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Romantic Photoshoots For Couples

Hi, I’m Bruno and I’ll be glad to be your Photographer in Paris!

If you’re dreaming about having some romantic photos of you in Paris, and thinking about getting wonderful memories of your Parisian experience, you’re in the right place! A romantic photoshoot with an expert professional photographer in Paris is exactly what you are looking for.

You can get wonderful photos even if it’s your first time in front of a camera. I can give you just a few suggestions or literally guide you if you d’like to. 

My goal is to capture a mix of photos ( breathtaking scenic ones, natural ones and intimate portraits ), and offer you an exciting, fun and unique experience.

For me it is a super creative experience: each photoshoot is different as each couple is.
Let’s create something of unique and beautiful together!

Below you will find all the information for an unforgettable experience in Paris.

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Best Time

Paris offers so many amazing locations for breathtaking photos but just one great time: morning!

To me the very best moment is always early in the morning as soon as there is enough light to shoot. The light is great and there are not so many people around. A sine qua non condition to create breathtaking photos. Here you can find a graph with the sunrise time in Paris.

We can also have a photoshoot mid-morning or at midday. I keep these time slots for mini sessions of 30mins. The light is good but there will be a lot of people around so we’ll be able to have just a few amazing clean shot. Reason why I don’t propose 1h30mins photoshoot at this time.

Anyway, each location and each season are different and I’ll always propose you the best solutions. I think that we have already a lot of average photos, there is no need for more. Let’s do something beautiful!

Most Wonderful Locations

About the locations, depending on the season and the weather, some locations may be more interesting than others. However these are the ones that to me are the best and offer a guarantee of having sensational photos:


1. Trocadero

Trocadero is certainly the most known and beautiful location for a photoshoot with the Eiffel Tower. Now, with the spread of Instagram, it is taken by tourists and amateur photographers in search of the perfect shoot since early morning.
It is always possible to take great pictures there, but being always crowded a few of the sensational photos that I use to take are almost impossible now.
Anyway it remains one of the best locations for a romantic photoshoot in Paris.

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Paris photographer romantic couple

2. Pont de Bir Hakeim

The Pont de Bir Hakeim. For lovers of contemporary cinema it is the bridge that appears in Inception (a film by Christopher Nolan with Leonardo di Caprio), for lovers of vintage French cinema appears in Pont du Nord. In the last year it has become my favorite location. Because? It offers an extraordinary view of the Eiffel Tower, even in case of rain you are sheltered, it offers the possibility of creating many different shots and playing with lights and shadows and perspective. It is frequented but is light years away from the Trocadero crowd.

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Paris photographer couple photoshoot Eiffel tower
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3. Louvre

The Louvre museum.
The Louvre is a location that I really love. I love its history, what it represents (a treasure trove of Western culture and beyond), its architecture and the possibility of creating wonderful silhouette photos.
Unfortunately to be able to take advantage of all this you have to iniiare soon because at 8h30 the horde of tourists and visitors of the museum begins to arrive. This makes it an eligible location in the period from March to August when the sun rises early and there is enough time to take the pictures before it gets too crowded.

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4. Palais Royal.

The courtyard of the Royal Palace is truly magnificent. It is home to Buren’s permanent art installation, its black and white columns draw marvelous geometries with which, as dance photographer in Paris, I’m in love!
The location is increasingly popular but early in the morning it is still ideal for a short dance shooting.

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romantic black couple photoshoot Paris photographer

Which solutions I propose?


Pont de Bir Hakeim or Trocadero



Trocadero & Pont de Bir Hakeim or Louvre & Palais Royal*



Trocadero & Louvre*

*the solutions with the Louvre are available only from March to August because of the light.



Trocadero & Pont de Bir Hakeim & Louvre*

*the solutions with the Louvre are available only from March to August because of the light.


How to get ready for the photoshoot

You don’t have to be two professional models to enjoy the photo session experience and get great photos. Even if it’s your first time in front of a camera we’ll surely  get great results.

The most important thing is to be prepared!

How to get ready?
There are 5 important aspect that you have to consider: comfort & safetyoutfit, poses, make up and props.


In my 5 years experience as photographer in Paris I can tell you that it is important to have great pictures but it is also very important to have a pleasant and safe experience.

Bring comfortable shoes for walking and sunglasses.

The weather is unpredictable here, so always carry a jacket for rain and wind.

In 5 years I have never been a victim of theft but I have seen it happen to others. My backpack has an anti-theft alarm and I’ll attach your bag to my backpack. My advice, however, is to avoid carrying passports or expensive items that are not necessary for the photo session.


At first, you have to feel comfortable with your outfit. It should be something that is in your style.
Having said that, surely an elegant and scenographic look is ideal for getting sensational photos.
Remember to bring high heels but also some comfortable shoes for walking between the locations.

In Paris you can find all kind of services, with PANOPLY for example you can rent one shot an amazing dress of Valentino, Mark Jacobs, Rochas,…
There are also many other similar services: MYCOUTURECORNER , UNEROBEAPARIS , DRESSINGAVENUE .

Consider that in a 1h30′ photoshoot we have enough time for a couple of different outfits and in a 3h photoshoot for three.
You can change in a Café or in my portable pop up changing tent ( I bring it only during summer ).


As I already said, you don’t have to be a professional model to get great photos, but you have to get prepared for the photo session.
That means that you have to try different poses at home in front of a mirror taking inspirations from magazines or from the web.
You can use Instagram or Pinterest to find many ideas about them, CLICK HERE for a link to the Pinterest Board where I collect inspirations about poses.


If you have planned to do the make up by yourself, great!
Try it a couple of days before to be sure about it and to understand how it takes to get ready.
It’s important to have a great make up but also to be in time for your photoshoot!

If you are looking for a make up artist in Paris, the only one I can suggest is Yulia Mamontova.
She is available very early in the morning and all my clients have been very happy of her work.
CLICK HERE to see her Instagram.


 Props are not necessary but they can be useful to give a touch of sensational to your photos and also, if it’s your first photoshoot, they help you to be more confident.

You can bring whatever you want, the only important thing is to tell me exactly what it is so I can think about the photos.

Some ideas:
– floral headband
– tiara
– angel wings
– flags
– balloons
– umbrellas
– …

If you want I can bring the balloons, it’s an extra ( + € 60 ) and I need to know it at least three days before the photoshoot. About the color of the balloons, I suggest to choose one that match with your outfit.

If you have more questions give a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

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The Photoshoot Day

The great day has come, now you only have to arrive on time and have a lot of fun!

Wake up on Time!

Once you have choose your outfit, practiced your poses, planned your make up, and get your props or asked me to provide them, you only have to arrive on time for the photoshoot!

It’s so important to be on time because photography is a question of light, locations and alchemy between photographer and models.

Coming late, the light will be different, there will be more other people around and even if I’m very patient I won’t have the same state of mind. It’s really important, BE ON TIME! Your dance photographer in Paris is waiting for you!

Reach the meeting point

For these reason provide me your Parisian address, and I’ll send you an e-mail that clearly explains all the possible transport solutions to get in time to the meeting point and a link to the most useful free app to move in Paris. 

A quick briefing and we start!

Before the photo session we will have a 5 mins briefing on location, spots, poses, my way of working and I’ll give you just a few suggestions. 

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Reviews by Other Couples

Josh & Jessica
This December, my fiancée and I had our engagement photo shoot with Bruno. He was great to work with and he made that day so fun, comfortable, memorable and amazing. Bruno knows his stuff and is so helpful not only with what poses and pictures might look great, but making sure you and your significant other enjoy your day. Even with the holidays around, Bruno got us our pictures so fast and they looked amazing! We would definitely recommend him!

Josh & Jessica
Houston, TX | USA 🇺🇸
Mert Secer
We have booked Bruno to capture our proposal in Paris and it was great decision! Bruno is fabulous photographer, passionate about his job and his photographs were amazing. He was also very fast to send us the photos. I strongly recommend Bruno and would definitely choose him again.

Mert Secer
Istanbul | Turkey 🇹🇷
As a professional photographer myself, I have very high standards when it comes to photography. I also tend to be slightly awkward in front of the lens. Bruno exceeded my expectations in the way he handled every aspect of our shoot. He made my fiancée and me feel completely comfortable, and was meticulous in every detail throughout the shoot. It’s easy to tell when an artist takes pride in their craft. Bruno even spent extra time with us to ensure everything was perfect, and had the photos delivered to us same-day! He’s not only an exceptional photographer, but a stand-up guy. I highly suggest you book your next shoot with him.

Austin, TX | USA 🇺🇸
Frances & Jason
Bruno was great fun to work with during the shoot but always a true professional; communication was top notch and photos were sent to us a few hours after the shoot itself! We had beautiful photos taken of our 7th wedding anniversary today in Paris thanks to Bruno. 5* service all round!

Frances & Jason
Perth | Australia 🇦🇺
Bruno was amazing! Very professional and very relaxed. At first, we were quite tense on the photoshoot but with Bruno, we immediately felt at ease. We were free in giving our ideas for the shoot and if we were out of ideas, Bruno helped us by giving suggestions for poses. Some photographers might put you in a rush as there is time limit, but Bruno said we could just take it slow and just be comfortable, which we did. As long as we are happy and felt satisfied, he is happy as well. I would recommend Bruno to everyone and if in the future i want to do a shoot again, i will definitely choose Bruno again! 🙂

Netherlands 🇳🇱
Bruno was amazing, very knowledgeable of hidden places and ideas for my boyfriend and I first photoshoot. He made us feel extremely comfortable! Extremely caring (holding my flats while changing into my heels). Assuring our things was secured while we were taking pictures. He is amazing and a great photographer!! If your looking for a photographer in Paris look no further Bruno is the best!!!

New York, NY | USA 🇺🇸
Aury & Alex
From the minute I contacted him he was such a help! The communication was very clear, he was able to accommodate our shooting to another date and time because of weather! He made sure we were comfortable in front of the camara! The price is very reasonable too! I would recommend him any day any time! Thank u so so much!

Aury & Alex
New Jersey | USA 🇺🇸
Carolyn Sta Ana
Can he get more than 5 stars please? Our very first photo shoot and Bruno made it so natural and easy for us. He brought out the smile in my very serious husband. Highly recommended to all.

Carolyn Sta Ana
Oakland, CA | USA 🇺🇸
Bruno was very prompt for our shoot. He was patient, and gave great directions during the shoot. He made us feel comfortable and was completely professional. I would definitely recommend his services in Paris.

Clayton, NC | USA 🇺🇸
Dhiraj Aery
I arranged a photo shoot for a surprise proposal near the Eiffel Tower with Bruno and it was so great to have him take the photos of us. He was very professional and easy to shoot with and made us feel really comfortable in what was a quite stressful time! He is a great photographer and took some amazing pics of us which we will treasure our whole lives. Thank you!

Dhiraj Aery
London | UK 🇬🇧

A romantic photoshoot in Paris is a great idea for your Anniversary …

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instaparis photographer Paris anniversary
photographer Paris romantic anniversary

… a wonderful idea for a post Wedding photoshoot …

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…or just to celebrate your love!

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