Frequently Asked Questions


6. Frequently Asked Questions

There a few questions that you surely still have, here the answers to the most common ones!

6.1 May I cancel my photoshoot and get the money back?

If you cancel your photoshoot up to 20 days before you’ll be completely refunded in a few days. 

6.2 May I downgrade my photoshoot package?

You can downgrade your photoshoot up to 20 days before. After that day, if you’d like to downgrade consider that you’ll have to add +€50,00 to your balance. 

6.3 What happens if it rains on the day of our photoshoot?

The weather in Paris is a bit unpredictable and that’s the reason why I confirm the time and meeting point the day before after a weather forecast check.

In case of heavy rain I’ll propose you to re-schedule or a 30mins photoshoot at Pont de Bir-Hakeim ( it is covered and offers us the opportunity of taking amazing photos with the Eiffel Tower on the background ), If it’s not possible I’ll refund you the advanced payment.

At the same time, some light rain or showers here and there can sometimes be the good excuse for an empty Paris. And what is more romantic than a couple under an umbrella ?

6.4 What can I do with the digital images of my photoshoot in Paris?

Just look at them. Share. Print. Everything you’d like! You have the right to use them as you want.

Even if legally I keep the ownership of the files I won’t sell them to anyone and I always ask the permission before share them on my socials.

6.5 How can I pay the photoshoot?

You can pay the advanced payment by PayPal or by Bank Transfer ( only from EU countries ).

You can pay the balance in cash at the end of the photo shoot once you have selected your favorite photos. If you don’t want to bring in money during the photo session, we can reach an ATM.

I only accept cash for the balance because bank transfers from non-EU countries have very high commissions (about € 35 for transactions) and PayPal takes a 5% commission.

So, if you really prefer to pay the balance by PayPal, consider that you need to add a 5% to the balance.

6.6 Can I share a photo session with a friend?

Of course, you will alternate in the poses and at the end you will choose the photos together.

6.7 Are these packages available also for big groups and large families?

No, these packages are created for up to 4 people. If you are more then 4 please contact me for a personalized solution.

6.8 Can I choose extra photos in the days after?

No, I don’t offer a service of online selection. You can select your favorite photos right after the photoshoot directly on my Mac.
For a couple of days I’ll keep all the files, just in case you are interested into buying the entire batch of unedited photos or Raw files.

6.9 Can you make me look thinner?

No, I can’t. I can take beautiful photos of you in which you look exactly as you are. 

About the editing: I correct eye bags, improve a little bit the smile, optimize the light and erase people in the background when it’s possible.

I won’t make you look thinner, neither with the camera nor with photoshop.

6.10 The photos will be edited according to the clients indications?

No, I edit my photos according to my taste and style.
Don’t ask me to edit a photo in black and white with a colored detail, to change colors, to make a photo lighter or darker.
I edit my photos according to my taste and style.

If you are interested in editing the photos by yourself or make another professional edit them, you can buy the Raw files ( details in the Prices section )

6.11 What will the weather be like during my photo session?

I don’t know.

If I could predict the weather with absolute certainty I would probably be the NASA or SpaceX meterologist.

Statistically it is likely to be cloudy, which is wonderful for photos.
From mid-October to April it is usually cold ( consider it when thinking about your outfit ).
It rains quite often here,  but usually it is a light rain and we can have some wonderful photos in any case.

Here the stats: