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Photoshoots For Dancers

I’ll be glad to be your Paris Photographer!

If you’re thinking of taking a photo session in Paris with a professional photographer to have some wonderful memories of your Parisian stay, you’re in the right place!

Below you will find all the information for an unforgettable photographic experience in Paris.

1. Photoshoot Style
2. Locations
3. Time
4. Get ready for the Photoshoot
5. Photoshoot Day
6. Faq
7. Reviews of other clients
8. Prices
9. Book Now
10. About Me

1. Photoshoot Style

Here you can see a small portfolio that can offers you an idea of my style of photography.

You can decide to entrust me completely with the choice of the photographic style for our photoshoot, or to be an active part of the artistic process sending me your ideas and inspirations by e-mail.

2. Locations

Paris offers so many amazing locations for breathtaking photos.

You can choose your favorites among the most scenographic:






3. Time

We can have a photoshoot in every moment but the very best one is at sunrise because of the amazing light and few people around.

As you know sunrise is not always at the same time, CLICK HERE for a link to a very clear timetable with the sunrise hours in Paris.

The sunrise slot is reserved for 1h30′ or 3h photo session.

Silhouette photo at sunrise

Photo taken with the amazing early morning light at Louvre

4. Get Ready for the photoshoot

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to enjoy the photo session experience and get great photos. Even if it’s your first time in front of a camera we surely be able to get great results.

The most important thing is to be prepared!

How to get ready?
There are 4 important aspect that you have to consider: outfit, poses, make up and props.


To have a more scenographic effect I recommend to wear a tutu and ballet shoes.

If you can bring a bag with some clothes it would be great so you can change your outfit in function of location and colors.

Some ideas:

– leotard
– tights
– leggings
– high waist ballerina skirt
– …

I know that Paris is not known as a warm climate city, and it’s true!
Consider that usually it takes 3 to 5 minutes to take a very good photo and, if it’s cold, between each shooting you can put your jacket on. If it’s very cold I bring a thermos with hot tea. It helps!

You can change in a Café or in my portable pop up changing tent ( I bring it only during late springtime and summer ).


As I already said, you don’t have to be a professional model to get great photos, but you have to get prepared for the photo session.
That means that you have to try different poses at home in front of a mirror taking inspirations from the web.
You can use Instagram or Pinterest to find many ideas about them, CLICK HERE for a link to the Pinterest Board where I collect inspirations about ballet and dance poses.


If you have planned to do the make up by yourself, great!
Try it a couple of days before to be sure about it and to understand how it takes to get ready.
It’s important to have a great make up but also to be in time for your photoshoot!

If you are looking for a make up artist in Paris, I’ll be glad to share some contacts with you.


 Props are not necessary but they can be useful to give a touch of sensational to your photos and also, if it’s your first photoshoot, they help you to be more confident.

You can bring whatever you want, the only important thing is to tell me exactly what it is so I can think about the photos.

Some ideas:
– floral headband
– tiara
– angel wings
– …

If you want I can bring the balloons, it’s an extra ( + € 30 ) and I need to know it at least three days before the photoshoot. About the color of the balloons, I suggest to choose one that match with your outfit.

Props: Balloons

Props: Red Heart Umbrella

5. Photoshoot Day

The great day has come, now you only have to arrive on time and have a lot of fun!

5.1 Be on Time!

Once you have choose your outfit, practiced your poses, planned your make up, and get your props or asked me to provide them, you only have to arrive on time for the photoshoot!

It’s so important to be on time because photography is a question of light, locations and alchemy between photographer and models.

Coming late, the light will be different, there will be more other people around and even if I’m very patient I won’t have the same state of mind. It’s really important, BE ON TIME!

5.2 Reach the meeting point

For these reason provide me your Parisian address, and I’ll send you an e-mail that clearly explains all the possible transport solutions to get in time to the meeting point and a link to the most useful free app to move in Paris. 

5.3 A quick briefing and we start!

Before the photo session we will have a 5′ briefing on location, spots, poses, my way of working and I’ll give you just a few suggestions. 

6. Frequently Asked Questions

There a few questions that you surely still have, here the answers to the most common ones!

6.1 May I cancel my photoshoot and get the money back?

If you cancel your photoshoot a week before you’ll be completely refunded in a few days. 

6.2 What happens if it rains on the day of our photoshoot?

The weather in Paris is a bit unpredictable and that’s the reason why I try to schedule an A plan and a B plan for the photoshoot in different days/time. ( ex. A plan 5th March at sunrise, B plan 6th March at 10h30 )

I check the weather forecast a couple of days before the photoshoot, and if it says heavy rain I propose you to move on B plan.

It has never happened, but in case of heavy rain on both the dates I’ll propose you to re-schedule or I’ll refund you.

At the same time, some light rain or showers here and there can sometimes be the good excuse for an empty Paris. And what is more romantic than a couple under an umbrella ?

6.3 What can I do with the digital images of my photoshoot in Paris?

Just look at them. Share. Print. Everything you’d like!

6.4 How can I pay the photoshoot?

You can pay the deposit by PayPal or by Bank Transfer. You can pay what is left in cash or by PayPal.

6.5 Can I share a photo session with a friend?

Of course, you will alternate in the poses and at the end you will choose the photos together.

7. Reviews by Other Clients

Noélie Teston-Vigne
Bruno est quelqu'un de très agréable et prévenant, respectueux des horaires et des délais de livraison. Très agréable, belle expérience à renouveler avec grand plaisir !

Noélie Teston-Vigne
Paris | France 🇫🇷
Adley Sole
I am from USA and a dancer. I have always wanted to do a photo-shoot in Paris and I am happy I got to shoot with this talented photographer. I got my photos back quickly which is really great and the quality was very good. The final edited photos were very nice. I was amazed. I definitely recommend!!!!

Adley Sole
San Francisco | USA 🇺🇸
Natalie Garrison
Bruno was fantastic to work with. He was so interactive, easy going, and fun to work with! Terrific photos and amazing photography and person!

Natalie Garrison
North Carolina | USA 🇺🇸
Cassandra Robinson
Bruno was fantastic I cannot recommend him highly enough. We were running late on the day due to traffic and he was amazing, still fitting in all the photos in the timeframe. He is easy to work with and his photos were fantastic. We will always remember our shoot in Paris 🙂

Cassandra Robinson
Castle Hill NSW | Australia 🇦🇺
Dancer's Mum

Here more reviews: Google Business

8. Prices

  • 3h Photoshoot
  • 500
  • - PHOTOSHOOT: 3h or 1h30'+1h30'
  • - LOCATIONS: 2/3 locations
  • - PHOTOS: 40
  • - CHOOSE THE PHOTOS: you'll choose your fav photos right after the photoshoot*
  • - FILES FORMAT: Jpeg print-ready*
  • - EDITED PHOTOS: all the files are edited by me*
  • - SENDING FILES: you'll receive 3 photos the same day, then all of them in 5 working days*
  • Click to view a sample of 3h photoshoot
  • 1h30' Photoshoot
  • 300
  • - PHOTOSHOOT: 1h30'
  • - LOCATIONS: 2 close locations*
  • - PHOTOS: 20
  • - CHOOSE THE PHOTOS: you'll choose your fav photos right after the photoshoot*
  • - FILES FORMAT: Jpeg print-ready*
  • - EDITED PHOTOS: all the files are edited by me*
  • - SENDING FILES: you'll receive 3 photos the same day, then all of them in 3 working days*
  • Click to view a sample of 1h30 photoshoot
  • 30' Photoshoot
  • 150
  • - PHOTOSHOOT: 30'
  • - LOCATIONS: 1 location
  • - PHOTOS: 7
  • - CHOOSE THE PHOTOS: you'll choose your fav photos right after the photoshoot*
  • - FILES FORMAT: Jpeg print-ready*
  • - EDITED PHOTOS: all the files are edited by me*
  • - SENDING FILES: you'll receive 3 photos the same day, then all of them in 2 working days*
  • Click to view a sample of 30


*2 close locations

– Trocadero (Eiffel Tower) & Pont de Bir-Hakeim
– Louvre & Palais Royal


– Print-Ready: Jpeg ( CMYK colors ), long side 20cm (7.8″) / average 2.5 MB

*Choose the photos

I’ll bring my Mac and right after the photoshoot we can sit on a bench or in a café and in 30 minutes you can choose your fav photos.


My standard editing includes: removing people in the background, fixing colors, setting contrast, whitening teeth and eyes, reducing the bags under the eyes.

*Sending Files

I’ll send you the files by WeTransfer or sharing a GoogleDrive folder


Balloons + € 30,00

8 standard sized inflated helium balloons, color of your choice

Levitation Photo + € 70,00

I’ll bring all it takes to create a levitation photo in which seems you are flying with the Eiffel Tower on the background

Big Format File + € 25,00/each

 If you are interested in printing a photo in large format and hanging it in your living room, in your room or in your office, this is the solution for you!
You’ll receive an HD big file: long side 50cm (20.8″) / average 70 MB

Entire Batch of Unedited Photos + € 250,00

You’ll receive all the photos taken, unedited, HD jpg file, average 4MB each

Levitation photo at Trocadero

Walking on the water at Trocadero

9. Book Now

Booking Procedure

1) Fill and submit the form
2) Then we decide together all the details of the photoshoot
3) To complete the booking you have to pay € 50 by Bank Transfer or PayPal

 at Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Silhouettes at Louvre

10. Bruno Barbero | Paris Photographer

Me in Burano ( Venice)

Hi I’m Bruno Barbero, an Italian photographer based in Paris.

I’m 36 years old and I got more then 7 years of experience as photographer.

I fluently speak EnglishFrench and Italian.

My photography style is idealistic, dreamy, romantic and glamour.
In the past I worked in architectural photography and I have a good eye for perspective.
My goal in every photo is to get the greatest harmony between subject and location.

My passions are photography, meeting people from all over the world, soccer, rock n’ roll, inspirational books, flea markets, and asian foods!