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Photoshoots For Dancers

Hi, I’m Bruno and I’ll be glad to be your Dance Photographer in Paris!

If you’re dreaming about having some great photos of you dancing in Paris, and thinking about getting wonderful memories of your Parisian experience, you’re in the right place! A dance photoshoot with an expert dance photographer in Paris is exactly what you are looking for.

You can get wonderful photos whether you are a professional dancer, whether you are an amateur, a student or a child.

My goal is to capture your best dancing poses and movements, and offer you an exciting, fun and unique experience.

For me it is a super creative experience: each photoshoot is different as each dancer is.
Let’s create something of unique and beautiful together!

Below you will find all the information for an unforgettable experience in Paris.

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ballet photographer Paris
ballet dance photographer Paris

Best Time

Paris offers so many amazing locations for breathtaking photos but just one great time: sunrise!

Yes, to me the best moment is always early in the morning as soon as there is enough light to shoot. The light is great and there are not so many people around. A sine qua non condition to create breathtaking photos. Here you can find a graph with the sunrise time in Paris.

We can also have a photoshoot mid-morning or at midday. I keep these time slots for mini sessions of 30mins. The light is good but there will be a lot of people around so we’ll be able to have just a few amazing clean shot. Reason why I don’t propose 1h30mins photoshoot at this time.

Anyway, each location and each season are different and I’ll always propose you the best solutions. I think that we have already a lot of average photos, there is no need for more. Let’s do something beautiful!

Most Wonderful Locations

About the locations, depending on the season and the weather, some locations may be more interesting than others. However these are the ones that to me are the best and offer a guarantee of having sensational photos:

1. Trocadero

Trocadero is certainly the most known and beautiful location for a photoshoot with the Eiffel Tower. Now, with the spread of Instagram, it is taken by tourists and amateur photographers in search of the perfect shoot since early morning.
It is always possible to take great pictures there, but being always crowded a few sensational photos are impossible to take.
Anyway it remains one of the best locations for a dance shooting in Paris.

dance photography Paris
dance ballet photography Paris
ballet photography Paris

2. Pont de Bir Hakeim

The Pont de Bir Hakeim. For lovers of contemporary cinema it is the bridge that appears in Inception (a film by Christopher Nolan with Leonardo di Caprio), for lovers of vintage French cinema appears in Pont du Nord. In the last year it has become my favorite location. Because? It offers an extraordinary view of the Eiffel Tower, even in case of rain you are sheltered, it offers the possibility of creating many different shots and playing with lights and shadows and perspective. It is frequented but is light years away from the Trocadero crowd.

Paris dance photographer
Paris ballet dance photographer
Paris ballet photographer

3. Louvre

The Louvre museum.
The Louvre is a location that I really love. I love its history, what it represents (a treasure trove of Western culture and beyond), its architecture and the possibility of creating wonderful silhouette photos.
Unfortunately to be able to take advantage of all this you have to iniiare soon because at 8h30 the horde of tourists and visitors of the museum begins to arrive. This makes it an eligible location in the period from March to August when the sun rises early and there is enough time to take the pictures before it gets too crowded.

ballet dance photography Paris Louvre
dance photography Paris Louvre
dancer photography Paris

4. Palais Royal.

The courtyard of the Royal Palace is truly magnificent. It is home to Buren’s permanent art installation, its black and white columns draw marvelous geometries with which, as dance photographer in Paris, I’m in love!
The location is increasingly popular but early in the morning it is still ideal for a short dance shooting.

ballet dance photographer in Paris
dance photography kid in Paris
ballet photographer in Paris

Which solutions I propose?


Pont de Bir Hakeim or Trocadero



Trocadero & Pont de Bir Hakeim or Louvre & Palais Royal*



Trocadero & Louvre*

*the solutions with the Louvre are available only from March to August because of the light.


How to get ready for the photoshoot

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to enjoy the photo session experience and get great photos. Even if it’s your first time in front of a camera we surely be able to get great results.

The most important thing is to be prepared!

How to get ready?
There are 5 important aspect that you have to consider: comfort & safetyoutfit, poses, make up and props.


In my 5 years experience as dance photographer in Paris I can tell you that it is important to have great pictures but it is also very important to have a pleasant and safe experience.

Bring comfortable shoes for walking and sunglasses.

Workers clean the city every day, but it cannot be perfectly cleaned and broken pieces of glass are often found. So I suggest to avoid dancing barefoot.

The weather is unpredictable here, so always carry a jacket for rain and wind and a warm suit to wear between one photo shoot and the next.

In 5 years I have never been a victim of theft but I have seen it happen to others. My backpack has an anti-theft alarm and I’ll attach your bag to my backpack. My advice, however, is to avoid carrying passports or expensive items that are not necessary for the photo session.


To have a more scenographic effect I recommend to wear a tutu and ballet shoes.

If you can bring a bag with some clothes it would be great so you can change your outfit in function of location and colors.

Some ideas:

– leotard
– tights
– leggings
– high waist ballerina skirt
– …

I know that Paris is not known as a warm climate city, and it’s true!
Consider that usually it takes 3 to 5 minutes to take a very good photo and, if it’s cold, between each shooting you can put your jacket on.

You can change in a Café or in my portable pop up changing tent ( I bring it only for 1h30′ or 2h photoshoots ).


As I already said, you don’t have to be a professional model to get great photos, but you have to get prepared for the photo session.
That means that you have to try different poses at home in front of a mirror taking inspirations from the web.
You can use Instagram or Pinterest to find many ideas about them, CLICK HERE for a link to the Pinterest Board where I collect inspirations about ballet and dance poses.


If you have planned to do the make up by yourself, great!
Try it a couple of days before to be sure about it and to understand how it takes to get ready.
It’s important to have a great make up but also to be in time for your photoshoot!

If you are looking for a make up artist in Paris, I’ll be glad to share some contacts with you.


 Props are not necessary but they can be useful to give a touch of sensational to your photos and also, if it’s your first photoshoot, they help you to be more confident.

You can bring whatever you want, the only important thing is to tell me exactly what it is so I can think about the photos.

Some ideas:
– floral headband
– tiara
– angel wings
– flags
– balloons
– umbrellas
– …

If you want I can bring the balloons, it’s an extra ( + € 60 ) and I need to know it at least three days before the photoshoot. About the color of the balloons, I suggest to choose one that match with your outfit.

If you have more questions give a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

Paris dance photographer
Paris dance ballet photographer
Paris ballet photographer

The Photoshoot Day

The great day has come, now you only have to arrive on time and have a lot of fun!

Wake up on Time!

Once you have choose your outfit, practiced your poses, planned your make up, and get your props or asked me to provide them, you only have to arrive on time for the photoshoot!

It’s so important to be on time because photography is a question of light, locations and alchemy between photographer and models.

Coming late, the light will be different, there will be more other people around and even if I’m very patient I won’t have the same state of mind. It’s really important, BE ON TIME! Your dance photographer in Paris is waiting for you!

Reach the meeting point

For these reason provide me your Parisian address, and I’ll send you an e-mail that clearly explains all the possible transport solutions to get in time to the meeting point and a link to the most useful free app to move in Paris. 

A quick briefing and we start!

Before the photo session we will have a 5 mins briefing on location, spots, poses, my way of working and I’ll give you just a few suggestions. 

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uber Paris ballet photographer
metro Paris ballet photographer

Reviews by Other Dancers

Noélie Teston-Vigne
Bruno est quelqu'un de très agréable et prévenant, respectueux des horaires et des délais de livraison. Très agréable, belle expérience à renouveler avec grand plaisir !

Noélie Teston-Vigne
Paris | France 🇫🇷
Adley Sole
I am from USA and a dancer. I have always wanted to do a photo-shoot in Paris and I am happy I got to shoot with this talented photographer. I got my photos back quickly which is really great and the quality was very good. The final edited photos were very nice. I was amazed. I definitely recommend!!!!

Adley Sole
San Francisco | USA 🇺🇸
Natalie Garrison
Bruno was fantastic to work with. He was so interactive, easy going, and fun to work with! Terrific photos and amazing photography and person!

Natalie Garrison
North Carolina | USA 🇺🇸
Cassandra Robinson
Bruno was fantastic I cannot recommend him highly enough. We were running late on the day due to traffic and he was amazing, still fitting in all the photos in the timeframe. He is easy to work with and his photos were fantastic. We will always remember our shoot in Paris 🙂

Cassandra Robinson
Castle Hill NSW | Australia 🇦🇺
Dancer's Mum
Kate Biernat
I was in Paris on holiday and as a dancer, I was itching to get some beautiful shots of me dancing around Paris/at The Eiffel Tower. A quick Google search led me to Bruno/InstaParis and the rest is history. Bruno was absolutely wonderful to work with. He responded very quickly to my initial interest email and was extremely flexible on details and sent me plenty of inspiration for the kinds of shots he could achieve. When I arrived at Trocadero, I just knew we were going to get some magical shots. He showed me a few of the photos on the small screen of his camera just to make sure I was getting what I wanted and that I was positioned correctly, and he gave me a good little system to get the best shot. Once we got into a good rhythm, which only took like 5 minutes, we were laughing and having a ball for the whole session! He gave me tons of great ideas for posing and he helped me feel relaxed and able to focus on doing what I do to get the photos I wanted. Then at the end of our session, we sat in a cafe and whittled it down to the money shots and he got the photos back to me within a few days. Honestly, if you are looking for a photographer in Paris, Bruno is one of the best!

Kate Biernat
Brooklyn, NY | USA 🇺🇸
Helena G.
Bruno is AMAZINGGG! I was quite nervous for my first ever dance photoshoot and in Paris too. He made me feel at ease, helped with my poses, made sure I was comfortable and they all looked great. The photos came out Incredible I am so happy! If you want a photoshoot in Paris worth your money, Bruno is your man!

Helena G.
Bettystown, Ireland 🇮🇪
Ballet Dancer

A photoshoot with a dance photographer in Paris is a great idea for your ballerina photos …

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… a wonderful idea for your kids …

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… and also for a duo!

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